Why Choose AutoWorld?

Pre - Lease Vehicles

AutoWorld provides pre-lease vehicles to ensure no interruption to clients operations

Free Maintenance

AutoWorld Provides Free Maintenance through out the contract duration

Vehicles Delivery

We deliver ordered vehicles to your location anywhere in the Kingdom.

Replacement Vehicles

During Major maintenance or accidents, AutoWorld provides clients with replacement vehicles from the same category upon request
Periodical car maintenance is essential to keep your car running well, minimize repair costs, and maximize its resale value.

AutoWorld Service and Maintenance Centers were designed to enable you to reach these goals through a preventive car maintenance schedule that alerts you when any service is due. These centers are equipped with car maintenance of all brands.

These centers are located in most of the major cities in the Kingdom and are supervised by a technically trained team in repair, plumbing, blacksmithing and paint.

Mobile service crew is also available on the road to render curbside assistance whenever required.