Terms and conditions

First: Rental basics:

1. The minimum rental is one day (24 hours)

2. Contract duration may be extended with the consent of the renter and the service provider. The contract should specify the procedure.

3. The rent chargeable for any delay in returning the vehicle should be calculated from the date specified for the return of the car by the renter, with a maximum limit of 48 hours, as per the following: (Daily rent charge X number of hours delayed)/24

4. If the contract is not extended by the renter or the service provider does not agree to the extension, the renter shall bear the additional costs for the excess period until the car is returned to the service provider.

5. No amendment may be made by the renter or the service provider on the contract after signing it without the approval of both parties.


Second: Obligations of the Service Provider:

The service provider acknowledges & undertakes to abide by following:

1- The validity and safety of the vehicle.

2- In the event of any technical defect in the car if not due to carelessness or negligence by the renter, the car should be replaced by another one of the same category. In case of non-availability, the car will be replaced by the higher category or a lower category car according to the declared tariff.

3- Receiving the vehicle that has been in an accident if it was immediately reported. Taking into account the date and time of reporting the incident is the end date of the rental agreement.

4- A valid driver’s license for the Saudi citizen is sufficient because it includes all the data, for non-Saudis passport or residence permit in addition to the valid driver’s license.

5- To bear the responsibility of not verifying the following:

A - The identity of the renter and the person who is authorized to drive the vehicle, and obtain a copy thereof.

B - A valid driver's license shall be valid for the renter if s/he is the driver or the authorized one under the contract to drive the vehicle, and obtain a copy thereof.

C –Include in the contract details on the level of insurance coverage for accidents and third party liability.

6- Not to refrain, for any reason, from receiving the car from the renter when it is returned.


Third: Obligations of the Renter:

The renter undertakes to abide by the following:

1- The vehicle:

A - The car is returned in satisfactory condition including its tires, engine, tools, equipment and documents belonging to the service provider.

B - The car has been rented to the renter for personal transportation usage.

C – S/he has no right to make any modifications to the vehicle and its equipment, including tampering with odometer, or removing the identification label of the service provider.

D – The renter acknowledges that the vehicle is suitable for use.

E - The fuel and oils specified by the service provider in the contract shall be used for the operation of the vehicle.

2- Returning the vehicle:

Returning the vehicle to the site, the date and the time specified in the contract and any extension thereof, and being in the same operational condition as received, taking into account the normal consumption throughout the period of rental.

3- Restoring the vehicle:

The service provider has the right to restore the vehicle, through the competent authorities, at the expense of the renter and without prior notice from the service provider in the following cases:

A – Did not return the car in the date and time specified.

B - The use of the vehicle is in contravention of the terms of the contract.

C - If the renter is found to have given fraudulent information at the time of the rental.

4- Drivers:

Authorized persons driving the vehicle are:

A- Renter if he holds a driving license that qualifies him to drive the vehicle.

B. The person or persons authorized by the renter who hold a license to qualify him for driving the vehicle and whose personal details are included in the contract.

C- Employees of the competent authorities in cases of emergency.

5- Terms of use:

The vehicle will not be used in the following cases:

A - By unauthorized persons, under the contract.

B- If the vehicle needs repair.

C- If the operation causes damage to the vehicle or one of its components. In case of removal of the odometer, the tenant shall bear a fine of 10,000 Saudi Riyals.

D - If the driver authorized under the contract is unable to drive the vehicle, due to the effect of alcohol or narcotic substances, or suffers from a health reason that hinders him from driving properly.

E - The transfer of persons or goods for remuneration.

F - Participation in motor racing.

G - Towing of other vehicles.

H – Driving in a manner that is negligence.

I - Tow trailer without the service provider's consent.

J - providing driving lessons.

K - Re-lease the vehicle without specific approval from the service provider.

L - For purposes contrary to the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

M - operating outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless agreed upon in the contract.

6- Leaving the vehicle:

Do not leave the car with the keys inside, or on the top of it.

7- Insurance:

1- Responsibility to record accidents against third parties in addition to the rented car, its driver and passengers in line with the legal requirements in Saudi Arabia. And the renter has the right to choose one of the following alternatives to cover incident costs.

A - Directly by the renter.

B - By the insurance company that is licensed in the Kingdom and is acceptable to the tax authority and is valid for coverage of the renter. In this case, he must present it to the service provider to register its data in the contract.

C - Accept the insurance coverage provided to him by the service provider.

2- It is accepted that the insurance from the service provider does not cover accidents in the following cases, and the renter bears the full responsibility for them:

A - If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.

B - If the driver is not authorized in the contract to drive the vehicle.

C - The occurrence of the accident after the expiry of the contract period and any extension thereof.

D - The use of the vehicle for any purpose other than the purpose in the rental agreement.

E - If the accident occurred outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was not agreed in the contract to use the vehicle outside the Kingdom.

8- Accident reporting and car towing:

A – Notify the service provider and the security authorities as soon as the car is exposed to an accident or the discovery of theft and providing them with all the information they request.

B- Notify the service provider immediately after the towing of the car by the competent authorities for any reason.

9- Protection service provider’s rights:

A – Cannot give up the service provider’s rights to another party.

B- Will not to represent the service provider with the competent authorities.

10- Car breakdown:

In the event that a car has to be returned to the service provider as a result of malfunctions or vehicle management system, the renter agrees that no repairs shall be made without the consent of the service provider.

11- Violation of regulations and instructions:

The renter will take full responsibility of:

A - Traffic violations during the rental period.

B - Any other charges, penalties or offenses resulting from misusing the vehicle or its use for any illegal purposes.

12- Renter’s personal items

Bear all responsibility for leaving any objects or personal belongings inside the car.

13- Rental costs:

A - Cost of renting the car during the rental period and any extension thereof according to the provisions of the contract.

B - Insurance costs agreed upon in the contract.

C – Cost of fuel, oil, water, and tire pressure during the rental period.

D - Costs of traffic violations caused by the driver.

E - Costs of violating regulations.

F – Any public parking fees incurred.

G – All costs relating to the late return of the vehicle after the date and time in the contract.

J – Re-fueling costs if the fuel level is less than the contract start.

K - Costs of damages not covered by insurance agreed under the contract.

L - Costs of assigning the rights of the service provider to third parties;

M - Costs of repairing any modifications to the vehicle that the renter has carried out without approval from the service provider. 

N- Costs of extra mileage over the agreed upon in the rental agreement



The Renter or the authorized driver agrees that Al Jazira Equipment Co. Ltd. will include and/or inquire about his/her name, data and information / or the Authorized person to drive in the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) list or to any third party approved by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any government list especially if the renter or the authorized person to drive fails to pay for more than thirty days from the date of maturity.