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Auto World going to North:

In the framework of the expansion plan, Auto World has taken an important step in this regard and that trend north of the Kingdom by opening a new market there after a deep study of the market and the region, which is experiencing the northern region of the kingdom tremendous evolution in the market, which requires a major presence companies out there and open markets and investments and provide new job opportunities for citizens in terms of social responsibility towards the nation.

Accordingly, the Auto World has decided to set up its new headquarters in the city of Tabouk to serve the residents and businesses of this region, by opening of a new branch to serve the daily rental and operating lease, construction of the new headquarters started and expected to open in the second half of this year.

Auto World fleet size reach to 11,500 car:

With the end of the first quarter of 2015 and a continuation of the successes achieved by Auto World the fleet size reached 11,500 car of different kinds of vehicles, in line with the plan for 2015 where the company is targeting fleet access to more than 13,000 car with the end of the year.

2015 Luxury Car models joined to the Fleet:

Joined to Auto World fleet the latest models of luxury cars to take their place in the showrooms In all regions, which is always characterized by Auto World company of the latest luxury cars provide to its customers who wishing to perform great driving and rich experience through daily rental service as well as chauffer Drive service to its customers in order to be their journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Auto World in the southern region:

Auto World began a few weeks ago to work in the southern region with the opening of its branch in the city of Abha to serve daily rental and operating lease as the company has contracted with some government corporates and institutions to provide them with big numbers of cars in long-term contracts extending to three years.

Improvement of Chauffer Driven:

Auto World has to implement the expansion plan to serve Chauffer driven for 2015 within the overall expansion of the company's policy, by providing the latest cars from Models 2015 family and luxury categories as the company has signed some contracts with a lot of companies and major hotels to provide this service to them such as Aramco, SABIC Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Khobar Holiday Inn.