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SEDCO Holding:
SEDCO, the Saudi Economic and Development Company, is a leading private wealth management organization that conducts its business according to Islamic guidelines widely known as Shari’ah. It manages a wide and diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities, and other businesses in Saudi Arabia and around the world. The organization is dedicated to responsible and ethical corporate practices through strong leadership and strategies. Its experienced management is committed to entrepreneurial excellence, business efficiency and commercial integrity. Through a diversity of investments, SEDCO combines modern money management techniques with Shari’ah guidelines and broadens the opportunities for Muslims worldwide to invest in a socially responsible manner in adherence to their faith. The organization is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and has more than 1,500 employees. It is organized into three business groups: Real Estate, Financial Investments and Direct Investments.

  • Autoworld Car Leasing & Rental
  • SEDCO Capital
  • SEDCO Development
  • EIaf (Travel, Tourism & Hotels)
  • Green Packet Berhad
  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital
  • CNA Group Ltd.
  • EIMAR Arabia
  • Tarfeeh (Restaurant Franchises)